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What Is Oura Ring Made Of? – Know Here!

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What is the Oura ring made to do?

Oura Ring is a fitness tracker that tracks your heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, and other health metrics. The rings consist of silicone with an aluminum core. It’s available in three colors: green, red, or black.

What is the Oura ring made to do?

With Bluetooth technology, your smartphone connects to the device, which uploads data to the cloud for analysis. Tracking progress, setting goals, and receiving feedback are all possible with the app.

Its advanced sensor technology makes it easy to monitor your vitals throughout the day. You can also use the app to control music playback on your phone via Bluetooth.

The Oura ring’s battery lasts all day without any worries. We recommend charging it once every week.

Where is Oura Ring made?

Oura was founded in Finland. 

Oura ring review: When fashion meets data

Oura ring is an alternative!

There has been a lot of hype about the new Fitbit Charge 3 and the Apple watch 4. Apple’s watch competitor, the Samsung Gear sport 2, has also been getting a lot of attention.

If, however, your budget is a little tighter, then the Oura ring may be worth considering. Dutch designers redesigned the Oura ring.

It is essentially a ring that collects data around your activity.

The ring, made of titanium and resin, has a ring band that fits snugly on your finger. The ring is waterproof.

The ring has a powerful built-in battery that can last up to 30 days. The internal battery of the ring is a lithium polymer battery.

It means that you don’t have to charge the ring every night.

What we like

The ring itself has an attractive design. It is not your typical sports electronic! It is also well made. 

The aluminum and resin blend very well together. The ring is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

The data which the ring can generate is impressive.

The data which the Oura ring can generate is impressive. We also like that the ring tracks some more information. 

The ring can record temperature, your sweat rate, heart rate, and times when you are active.

Oura ring advantages and its smart features

For your activity tracking and daily activity goals, the Oura ring offers a range of valuable features.

The ring will automatically detect walking, running, cycling, swimming, or doing any exercise.

When you start exercising, the ring will start recording your activity.

Once you stop moving, the ring will continue to collect data until you turn off the ring manually.

The Oura ring will also count steps taken during your workout. This feature works even if you are wearing gloves.

Sleep tracker for daily sleep

  • A great indicator of sleep quality
  • Tracks your sleep habits and deep sleep scores
  • Tracks your sleep phases and sleep efficiency scores

REM sleep detection

  • REM sleep is known to be necessary for memory consolidation.
  • REM sleep helps us to get rid of negative emotions and stress.
  • The Oura app will allow you to view your sleep pattern over weeks.

Accurate activity tracker

  • It can help you track your physical activity level
  • Can determine your ambient body temperature
  • Activity score measures how much exercise you do each week, such as:
  1. How often do you walk or run
  2. How far do you travel during the day
  3. How many calories do you burn
  4. Heart rate monitor
  5. Monitoring your heart rate while exercising
  6. Track your pulse

Heart rate measurements

The Oura ring tracks and provides a heart rate chart or heart rate graph that can help you prevent the risk of heart attacks.

You can also use this to check whether you are in good health. Your heart rate variability with the Oura ring, HRV is a measure of how efficiently your heart beats.

Your HRV is affected by various factors, including age, gender, diet, medication, and fitness.

The Oura Ring uses a photoplethysmograph sensor to measure blood volume changes in your fingers.

It allows it to calculate your heart rate.

Here are more additional features:

  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Longer battery life
  • Up to 7 days of battery life
  • Fast charging time
  • Has accurate fancy sensors
  • Oura cloud for data keeping 

The Oura ring works best when used while exercising or working. However, this ring also works well while sitting there watching tv.

The Oura ring is otherwise well built. It is comfortable to wear and looks good.

It is pretty inexpensive, considering all the data that it can capture. It ranks in the top 10 best-selling Fitness Trackers on Amazon.

What we don’t like

This ring is powered by batteries, which require changing. The battery does last for a long time; however, the battery does need changing.

Sometimes the intelligent alarm feature does not work correctly. Do sometimes happens when you wake up from a deep sleep.

You cannot control the ring directly. You must use the app to set alarms and other functions.

The ring is expensive. However, if you are looking for a fitness tracker that can provide accurate data, this might be the best option.

We would prefer if there were some form of battery-saving mechanism so that the battery could last two months or more.

What we don't like

The Oura ring Vs. Apple watch

For the cost benefits potential, the Oura ring is an excellent choice. However, the Apple Watch has more advanced features.

Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the best health tracking device. By far, this has been the Oura ring.

It has been around for about two years. It is self-named and is the best health tracking device.

The product is aimed mainly at elite athletes. It uses a combination of software and hardware to track exercise, sleep, heart rate, and lots of other valuable metrics.

The device is available from different outlets. If you search the web a bit, you will find many other outlets selling them at highly competitive prices.

The device is worn on the finger all day long. It tracks your movements 24 hours a day.

It means it tracks your posture, steps, sleep, calories, and pulse.

However, Apple launched their health tracker, the Apple watch, not too long ago. It offers a lot of the same features as the Oura ring but comes in a slightly different design and has the added advantage of being integrated with many other Apple products.

The app store

The Oura ring application is applicable for both Apple and Android devices. The app takes you through setting up your ring and also tracks your sleep patterns during the night.

The Oura ring is water-resistant, but you do need to be careful when washing. It is, however, not meant to be used by children or in swimming pools.

The watch

The device costs $399. The watch comes in 44mm and 38mm sizes and is stainless steel.

It is 10.5mm thick. The Apple Watch also has smartphone connectivity and can download data from the ring.

The watch’s two built-in LEDs indicate notifications. There is also a built-in GPS. 

The watch connects with Apple devices. For example, if you buy a new iPhone, you know it will automatically connect to the new phone.

The watch is, therefore, only compatible with Apple products.

A comparison of the features

The Oura ring and the Apple watch both offer some great health benefits. They both track your sleep, heart rate, steps, calories, etc.

They both also measure sleep. However, the Oura ring is the only one to measure sleep automatically.

Both devices need to be synced with your computer to download the data.

Both devices come in a range of different colours.

The watch can connect to your Samsung devices too.

The ring is only compatible with Apple devices, and the Apple Watch is only compatible with Apple products.

Right now, the Oura ring costs $299, and the Apple Watch costs $399.

Apple watches have a larger screen than the Oura ring. They also offer better apps.

The Oura band is cheaper than the Apple Watch. However, the Apple watch lasts longer.

If you want cheap but still accurate data, then the Oura ring is worth checking out.


Does the ring scratch?

The ring scratches when you put it on your finger. It happens because the ring has a small amount of friction between the metal and the skin.

If you wear the ring for an extended period, the ring will rub against your finger, which causes the ring to scratch.

Is ring medical grade?

The health technology company says that the ring is medical grade. They say that the ring is safe to use.

However, they do not test the ring for safety. They say that it is safe to use. There have been no reports of any injuries or side effects related to using the ring.

The reasons why some people may want to avoid wearing the ring include:

  • If you have sensitive skin, then you should consider avoiding the ring.
  • Some people who have arthritis find the ring uncomfortable.
  • Some people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome find the ring painful.

Do I have to charge the ring every night?

No, you do not have to recharge the ring every night.

However, the ring needs to be charged once in a while. Take note overcharging the devices can damage them.

Does the ring do blood oxygen?

Yes and No. The latest Oura ring (Gen 3) can check blood oxygen. However, it is not applicable for lower models. It can also measure blood pressure. Its advanced sensors measure blood flow and blood pressure.

Does Oura-ring work in airplane mode?

Yes! Oura ring works in airplane mode just like any other smartwatch.

The only difference is that you need to manually turn off the Bluetooth connection when using it in airplane mode.

Is Oura ring worth it?

It depends. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to monitor your health, then yes, the Oura ring could be worth buying.

However, if you are looking for a more expensive device that gives you more information about your health, then you might want to look at the Apple Watch instead.

Some people prefer the Oura ring because it looks good on their hands. Others like the Apple Watch because it is easier to read.

There are pros and cons to both options. It all comes down to personal preference.

Which one would you choose? Let us know by commenting below.

How to use the Oura ring?

1. Download the app

Download the Oura App onto your phone or tablet. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the iTunes store.

2. Connect the Oura ring to your phone

Connect the Oura ring to the app. Once connected, you will see a blue light appear around the Oura ring.

3. Put the Oura ring on your hand

Wear the Oura ring on the middle finger of your right hand. Make sure that the Oura ring is facing upwards.

4. Start tracking your sleep

Once the Oura ring is on your hand, open the app and tap on “Start Tracking Sleep.”

5. Set up the Oura ring

You can set up the Oura ring to track your heart rate, breathing patterns, movement, and temperature.

6. Check out the results

Check out the results after tracking your sleep.


The Oura ring is a well-built, light, and comfortable gadget that can track some very impressive data. However, it has some limitations in its battery life.

How to use the Oura ring?

It is worth taking a look at the Oura ring if you are interested in exercising regularly. It is priced well and will be well worth the money you spend if you decide to buy it.

Oura ring receives excellent reviews on Amazon. If you want to learn how to connect your Oura Ring to Apple Health, check out our guide.


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