Is DDR4 Better Than DDR3? Find Out Here

The market is filled with a significant number if DDR4 memory options but this have not entirely banished the DDR3, which is by far preferred by many people. The issue with DDR4 is that it’s limited to Intel’s X99 platform and the Extreme processors, these two are expensive and they’re not necessarily the best when … Read more

How Much Is A KB / MB / GB / TB Of Data?

In today’s day and age digital storage has become very important as it is used in storing data that’s is required by digital devices for them to run and conduct various operations. For instance, if you consider a computer, it needs a physical device that stores data both temporarily and permanently, this can be either … Read more

How To Get Someones IP From Discord

Presently a bunch of IP’s will appear on CommView. There are a lot of special IP addresses. You’re surrounded by an endless number of things that you’re able to appreciate. You will discover a great number of websites that offer to discover the geo-location of the individual using their IP address. If you’re concerned about … Read more