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How Do I Know My Oura Ring Is Working? – Read Here!

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The Oura ring, how do I know it’s working?

If you’ve recently invested in an Oura ring to track your health, you might be wondering how to set it up and make sure it’s working properly.

To see if your Oura is working properly, you first need to make sure your Oura ring is set up properly, after that your ring should then be releasing accurate metrics to your Oura app and show a white light.

We’ve composed a guide below, discussing how the Oura ring work, how to set the factory settings up properly, the benefits of using one, and how to fix your ring if it’s not working.

How Does The Oura Ring Work?

Before we get into how to set the Oura ring up properly, we first need to discuss how this device works so that we can make sure we are using it properly. 

The Oura ring is a health tech ring equipped with lots of sensors, thanks to these sensors this little ring can track; temperature, sleep, menstrual periods and activity, the ring then takes this all into account and gives you a readiness score each day.

To use your Oura ring to track data like your deep sleep scores and heart rate variability, you also have to subscribe to the Oura membership app which shows all your metrics.

How to use the Oura ring data in your life?

How To Set Up The Oura Ring 

In order to know if the Oura ring is working properly, you need to ensure it is set up right, we’ve listed the correct way to set up an Oura ring out the box below. 

  1. Unbox & charge – To begin, unbox the ring and charge it straight away, a full charge of the ring can take up to 80 minutes, when the device is blinking, the battery level is charging, when full the light will stay on. 
  2. Install the Oura app – Now install the Oura app on your mobile devices, pay for the oura memberships to get full access, you will need to pair via Bluetooth, on the upper left corner you can also see battery consumption.
  3. Wear the ring – You can now wear the ring, ensure the sensors are on the palm side of your finger, you can choose to wear the Oura ring on your thumb, middle, ring or index finger, whatever feels most comfortable!
  4. Check insights – After a full night of wearing the ring you can start to see your metrics to see if the Oura ring is working, after two weeks your baseline scores will be there. As the ring gets to know you better, your insights will also improve.
The Oura ring, how do I know it's working?

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Oura Ring? 

Once your Oura ring is working, these little tech devices can be highly beneficial if you are interested in seeing how to improve your health.

We’ve listed the benefits of using an Oura ring below.

  • It’s affordable – Oura rings are affordable compared to apple watches and a great way to stay on top of your health.
  • Allows you to stay active – Oura ring gives you a personalized activity score to meet each day based on your readiness which takes into account if you’re getting sick or if you had poor sleep.
  • You can prioritize sleep – Oura rings are so key to having a perfect sleep measurement and developing better stages of sleep habits.

Troubleshooting The Oura Ring 

If you’ve run into problems when using your Oura ring, there are lots of ways to try and get your Oura ring working again. 

We’ve listed some common answers to your Oura ring problems below.

  • Make sure your Oura ring is not connected to multiple users, if it is this leads to missing data and connectivity problems. 
  • Delete the app and restart it or try reinstalling the app to solve the connectivity issues.
  • Check the LED colour reference,  connect the phone to a charger and make sure to disable the power saving then place the phone next to the ring.
  • Do a Bluetooth reset by keeping the ring on its charger with the power connected, turn the Bluetooth on the phone, force close the app then turn the Bluetooth back on to start the app again. 
  • Do a ring reset, keep the ring on its charger then tap the charge a few times firmly on the table keeping the ring in place with your finger wait a minute then see if the connection is stable.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Oura Ring Working 

How does Oura track daily sleep patterns?

Oura takes into account your breathing, temperature, heart rate movements and breathing to see sleep.

Should Oura show heart rate fluctuations? 

Yes, the Oura ring has a heart graph which shows your average heart rate over the day as well as a decrease in heart rate and heart rate increases, this allows you to see what affects you or how exercise raises your heart rate.

What colour should the Oura ring be if it’s working?

Oura ring should show a permanent white LED colour when working properly, blinking or red indicates there is an issue such as a battery problem.

What is the battery life of Oura rings?

The Oura ring can last a week with a full battery, if your battery is going faster you might have to get it repaired.

Can I connect my Oura ring to an android device?

Oura rings can be connected to android devices through Bluetooth just like other phones, you will need to download the Oura ring in order to see your metrics.

Last Words

Overall, an Oura ring is working if it is updating your metrics daily on the app, it will also be showing a white LED light to indicate it has enough charge.

If your Oura ring is not working then it might be blinking or have connectivity issues with your phone, always try restarting to fix the issue or reinstalling the app.

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