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Does Oura Ring Connect To Apple Health? Find Out Here!

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How To Connect Your Oura Ring To Apple Health – Our Guide

If you’ve recently brought an Oura ring to keep an eye on your health, you might be wondering if this device can also sync with your health apps like Apple health for more accurate tracking. 

The Oura ring does indeed connect to apple health and is able to sync health data both ways for more accurate data tracking. 

In our guide below, we will take you through how to connect the Oura ring to Apple Health, which data can be shared between the two, and how to troubleshoot your connection and Apple Watches vs Oura rings.

How Do I Set Up Apple Health On My Oura Ring? 

Although the Apple Health system and Oura ring are different kinds of health trackers, both can be linked together easily to help give you a more accurate overview of all your health metrics. 

The Oura ring analyses and tracks your heart rate, sleep, body temperature, and activity, from this it can indicate your readiness level for the day. Apple health on the other hand is more designed for tracking workouts such as your steps, running and other movements. 

On iPhone 

To set up the Oura ring and connect it to apple health use the following steps –

  • Open apple health then goes to privacy and select the Oura app on the phone, next turn on all the categories so you can share the data properly. 

On The Oura App

To allow apple health to be connected with the Oura app – 

  • Tap the menu on the left-hand corner of the home tab then in the settings select data health and sharing and enable the following; import workouts, connect to health and save mindful minutes.
How do I link Oura to Apple Health?

Which Data Can Be Shared Between The Oura Ring & Apple Health? 

Once you have connected the Apple Health app and the Oura ring you can export and import the following data – 

Oura To Apple Health 

  • Height. 
  • Mindful minutes.
  • Active energy. 
  • Weight. 
  • Sleep.
  • Resting energy. 
  • Heart rate.
  • Respiratory Rate.

Apple Health To Oura 

  • Workouts. 
  • Weight. 
  • Height.

Troubleshooting The Oura Ring & Apple Health

If your Oura ring and apple health are not connecting then you might need to troubleshoot the devices in order to get them connected properly. 

Reset Integration

  • First of all, we suggest making sure the ring and apple health are both fully updated then opening up the app, tapping the menu on the corner, settings then selecting data sharing, turning all the settings off and back on then restarting the devices.

Reinstall The App

  • If you still cannot connect the apple health tracking and Oura ring then you might need to try reinstalling the app. 
  • Go to settings, account select back up all data, uninstall and reinstall the Oura app.

Other Ways 

  • Make sure you open up the Apple Health and Oura ring app at least once a day to make sure it refreshes. 
  • Do note that calorie-burning calculations might differ from Oura to other apps since the Oura app does not take into account your resting calorie burn when health monitoring. 
Oura Ring Cons

How Does The Workout Tracking Between The Apple Health & Oura Health Compare?

The Apple Health and Oura Health both have similar workout tracking when active calories are burned during a workout, Oura health tends to have more detailed heart rate tracking, however. 

Oura ring also shows a detailed health graph while the apple calorie burn estimations are more basic. This being said, for different styles of HIIT workouts, Oura ring cannot provide as good of a calorie count since it has fewer specific modes.

Apple Watch Vs Oura Ring – Which Is The Better Health Tracker?

Oura & Apple Health can be used in conjunction, but if you have to pick between both health-related apps and their devices, which is better?

We’ve listed the main differences between the two below – 

  • Apple health tracks data from all their apple related devices such as the apple watch and iPhone, the Oura app currently tracks health metrics from just the Oura ring. 
  • The Oura ring is better for sleep tracking and tracking health trends over time, it also is much cheaper than the Apple Watch.
  • Apple Health has a wider variety of in-built apps for health tracking making it more advanced than the Oura ring app which is more basic. 
  • Apple allows you direct access to health metrics on the watch rather than having to log into an app.

Which Health Tracking App Should I Choose?

Overall, the Apple Health app and devices are excellent for tracking calorie info and are better synced with workout apps and workout tracking.

However, if you’re looking for something which is more discreet and tracks health data such as sleep and moods, you’ll get your money’s worth with the Oura ring because it can provide you with these extra details thanks to the temperature sensor and heart rate tracking.

Does the Oura Ring work with Apple Health?

Frequently Asked Questions About The Oura Ring & Apple Health

Does the Oura ring track metabolic rate?

Yes, the Oura ring tracks BMR from 4 am onwards to track the number of calories you burn when resting. 

How much does the Apple Watch cost?

The Apple Watch costs around $400 so slightly more expensive than the Oura ring.

What should the average heart rate be for a healthy person?

A normal resting heart rate will be anywhere between 60-100 beats per minute.

Does the Apple Watch have infrared sensors?

The Apple Watch uses mostly optical heart sensors to track metrics.

Does Apple Health show active calories burned?

Yes, Apple Health shows both the active calorie burn and resting calories burned.

Can I link the Oura ring with workout apps?

The Oura ring can currently be linked to the Strava app, Fit bit and map my run as well as some other running fitness app.

Does Apple Health have a sleep-tracking mode? 

Apple health has a basic sleep tracking mode on iPhones and watches to show key sleep measurements, the Oura ring on the other hand is a more detailed sleep tracker showing REM sleep and other metrics.

Final Words

To conclude, the Oura ring does connect to Apple Health to help track health and fitness, this provides you with better metrics since apple health has dozen of workout modes and the Oura ring is great at accurately tracking sleep.

In order to connect Apple Health and Oura ring properly make sure data sharing is allowed on both devices.

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