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How Long Does It Take To Get Oura Ring? – Read Here

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Does it take long to get an Oura ring?

If you are into tracking and improving your health and fitness, you’ve probably heard about Oura rings and you are waiting to get your hands on one, but due to high demand, how long do Oura rings take to ship?

The time it takes to get an Oura ring can differ according to where you’ve ordered from, on average, your ring will have a time of delivery of around 2-5 business days after you have ordered it.

In our guide below, we will take you through where Oura rings come from, the countries they deliver to and more details about the ring and how it works.

Oura ring vs. other high-end fitness trackers

Where Do Oura Rings Come From?

To begin with, let’s start with where Oura rings come from and are manufactured.

Oura rings come from Finland where their tech company is based, their company is known as Oura health and makes different tech, Oura rings are the main innovation from the company.

Where Do Oura Rings Ship To?

Oura rings deliver around the world for an average shipping fee of around $15 no matter the location, this being said, there might be extra tax due to import clearance however depending on the destination.

These are just some of the destinations Oura ring ship to, there are also more.

  • Canada.
  • United States.
  • Croatia.
  • Belgium.
  • Hungary.
  • Åland Islands.
  • Bulgaria.
  • Czech Republic.
  • Estonia.
  • Denmark.
  • South Korea.
  • Australia.
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Poland.
  • Monaco.
  • France.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom.

How Long Does It Take For An Oura Ring To Come?

As we mentioned above, once you have ordered your Oura ring in terms of delivery the ring will typically arrive 2-5 days after purchase.

However, if you need your Oura ring quickly there are some things to consider.

  • Sizing kit – Before you choose and order your Oura ring you need to consider the size of the Oura ring, this can take a few weeks to deliver if you are located in the EU.
  • Courier – In terms of delivery, you need to consider that Oura ring use different couriers such as DHL and UPS which will all have different actual delivery times, it is also important to note that Oura rings do not offer express shipping service.
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How Do I Track An Oura Ring Order?

If you have ordered an Oura ring to be delivered to your delivery destination country, you might be wondering how to track your Oura ring to ensure it’s on its way.

In order to track your Oura ring you will need to wait until it ships, once it has shipped the shipping info will be available 24 hours after the item has been shipped.

To track your Oura ring order go to my account on the Oura ring website, click order status then shipment status, you can always email them if your order tracking is not available.

Can I Gift An Oura Ring?

If you want to gift an Oura ring to a friend or family, you will still need to go through the sizing kit process in order to make sure that the Oura ring fits perfectly on their finger—be it on their thumb, middle finger, or ring finger. Just make sure to put the gift recipient’s address when ordering and tick the ‘this is a gift box.

Ensure the billing and tracking info is in your email so you can receive the automated tracking email to see where the Oura ring is.

How Do Oura Rings Work?

If you are thinking about getting an Oura ring as a present for someone else or to treat yourself, it’s important to know how these health rings work so that you can see if they’re right for you and get the most out of their features.

The Oura ring is essentially a smart ring which can track health metrics about an individual when worn, they give daily scores to your sleep, activity, readiness and steps.

This smart ring can track all these metrics since it has a temperature sensor, pulse sensor and IR sensor.

Does it take long to get an Oura ring?

How Does The Oura Ring Track Sleep?

In recent years, even more, studies have shown us how important our sleep is for memory and performance, but how does the Oura ring help to track and improve our sleep?

The Oura ring tracks sleep in the following ways –

  • Resting heart rate.
  • Time spent in REM sleep.
  • Body temp.
  • Nighttime movement.
  • Number of breaths a minute.
  • Heart rate variability.

Are Oura Rings Worth It?

Oura rings do not come cheap and take additional import fees according to where you live, so what are the benefits of investing in these rings, are they worth it?

We’ve listed the benefits of getting an Oura ring below.

  • The size – Oura rings are a small size unlike fitness watches and other models, this makes them ideal to wear during sport, day and night while sleeping without them disturbing you.
  • Good battery – The battery of Oura rings last for 7 days straight, making them convenient to wear for a long time without the need for charging.
  • Syncs with apps – The metric data tracked by Oura rings syncs with major apps like Apple health and google fit allowing you to track data more accurately.
  • Durable & waterproof – Oura rings are waterproof meaning you don’t have to take them off while you’re in the shower, they are also very durable and can survive harsh temperatures.

Are There Any Cons To Oura Rings?

Although Oura rings are pretty good for the price, coming in at around $300 depending on the model, are there any cons to these tech devices?

  • Material is not flexible – The ring material of Oura ring is not flexible therefore you must get the right size for your finger.
  • Can’t track different kinds of workouts – The Oura ring cannot track specific workouts according to type, for this you will have to link it to other devices.
  • Cannot see data on the device – Unlike watches, you can’t see the data on the ring and have to see it through the app, this app does require a subscription fee which should be factored in.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oura Rings

Why is sleep tracking good for your health?

Sleep tracking is good for your health since you can see which factors interfere with your sleep, e.g. what you ate, it also allows you to identify your tossing and turning periods.

Understanding your sleep allows you to make changes to improve it.

Are the earlier Oura rings different to the new ones?

Yes, the newer generation 3 Oura rings have 16MB of data while the previous one only had 0.5 mb, this ring also has seven temperatures instead of three.

Is there a shipping fee for Oura rings?

There is a shipping fee for the Oura ring which is a standard of $15, this doesn’t change no matter the destination you are delivering to thanks to the equality act.

Which countries have import duties to pay for Oura rings?

There are some countries with extra import duties which need to be factored into the cost of an Oura ring, some to name are the UK, Japan and Australia, it’s worth finding out these import fees in advance since they can be costly.

Can an Oura ring go through airport security?

Yes, an Oura ring can be taken through TSA airport security with no issues or restrictions, you might have to take it off to pass through the scanner, however.

What happens if your Oura ring doesn’t fit anymore?

You have up to 30 days to return an Oura ring if it does not fit you, if you gain or lose weight while wearing this ring there is no resizing plan unfortunately so you will have to purchase a new one.

Last Words

Overall, Oura rings take around 2-5 days to deliver after shipping and purchase confirmation. You also need to factor in the sizing kit which can take up to two weeks to arrive after ordering.

Shipping fees of $15 apply to every order no matter the destination you are ordering to, do be aware some countries will have an import fee which you will need to pay in addition.

Before you place your order, find out if Oura rings are true to size.

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