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How To Reset Oura Ring? Our Guide Here!

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How to Factory reset Oura Ring?

If you’re having connectivity problems with your Oura ring or maybe it’s not tracking your metrics properly, you might need to reset the ring.

To reset your Oura ring you will need to go into the Oura app, back up all your data then go into the settings and reset the ring.

Down below in our guide, we will take you through how to do a reset, known issues for these rings and more about understanding your ring and how it works.

In what ways can I tell if my Oura Ring is working?

How To Do A Factory Reset On Your Oura Ring

Doing a factory reset on your Oura ring can help resolve any connectivity issues with your device and bring it back to new.

To do a factory reset on your Oura ring, follow the steps below.

  • Make sure your ring is turned off then open the Oura app on your mobile devices.
  • Next, go to the menu on the upper left-hand corner of the menu, click the settings then go to back up data so you can keep all the metrics safe so far.
  • Tap the ring emoji in the right-hand corner and click factory reset, take it off the charger and leave it on a flat surface for two minutes to reset.
  • Now you have reset your Oura ring, put it on the charger, go to settings and select Bluetooth, remove the ring from the connected devices then return to the app, this clears all the data too.
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Known Issues For Oura Rings

If you are running into lots of issues with your Oura ring, there are some known issues about this device which might be resolved with a firmware update in the future or a factory reset.

  • Cannot connect to a new device – If your Oura ring cannot connect to a new device you simply need to uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Flashing red when charging – To fix this problem, take the ring off the charger, place it back on, and do factory reset steps.
  • App crashing – If the app is crashing when you are trying to open it, uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • Calorie burn miscalculations – Always keep the app open during a workout and edit any imported workouts to keep them accurate.
  • Gen3 charger flashing blue while charging – This case has not been fully resolved, make sure to follow the basic steps for setting the ring up for the device type.
  • Bad Bluetooth connection – Force quit the app, restart the android devices or IOS then open Bluetooth and clear the Bluetooth cache. Reset network settings.
  • Activity goal changing – If your activity goal is changing on your Oura ring we suggest always keeping the Oura app open in the background and avoiding force closing it.

What Does The LED Light On My Oura Ring Mean?

One way to check the status of your Oura ring to see if it is working is by checking the LED colour chart of the ring.

  • No colour – A no-colour LED light on your Oura ring means the charger is off.
  • Pulsing white – A pulsing white LED light means your Oura ring is charging.
  • Solid white – This means the charger was connected to power without the ring on.
  • Solid green – The charge of your battery level is full!
  • Blinking red – Blinking red means there is a possible problem with the ring charger or the ring itself.
  • Blinking blue – This means the ring is ready to pair via Bluetooth, after the pairing to connected options it will turn solid blue and then fade to white.

How Do I Reset The Bluetooth On My Oura Ring

If you’re having problems with the Bluetooth connection on your Oura ring you might need to re-establish a Bluetooth connection with the following steps below.

  • Keep the ring on the charger with the power connected.
  • Turn the phone’s Bluetooth off, and force close the Oura app.
  • Turn the Bluetooth back on again, restart the app and see if the app will connect with the ring again.
How to Factory reset Oura Ring?

Frequently Asked Questions About Resetting Oura Rings

Does the Oura ring have high battery consumption?

No, as long it’s working properly and fully charged the Oura ring will stay with the battery for about a week.

Can I wear an Oura ring in the shower?

Yes, an Oura ring is waterproof, so it’s okay to wear it in the shower.

Can I send my Oura ring back if it’s not working?

You can send an Oura ring back within 30 days after purchase if it is not working.

What is a soft reset for the Oura ring?

A soft reset for the Oura ring means simply restarting it rather than doing a factory reset which takes all the data off the ring.

Last Words

To conclude, to reset an Oura ring you will need to go into the Oura app to reset the ring and its data, this will perform a factory reset, for a soft reset just reboot the ring by turning it on and off.

Resetting your Oura ring can help to resolve any connectivity or Bluetooth issues, also try troubleshooting problems if you have any problems with your new ring.

If you want to check if it’s working properly after the reset, try to connect your Oura ring to Apple Health.

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