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What Does Oura Ring Track? – Find Out Here!

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What activities does Oura track?

If you’re wondering how an Oura ring works, it’s a smart device that tracks the user’s sleep pattern. It is also able to track how many calories you burn during an average day.

Sleep quality is vital, and if you are not sleeping well, then the chances are that you will be tired during the day; this is no good if you are trying to complete a lot of critical work.

What activities does Oura track?

The Oura ring will detect when you are asleep and awake and adjust the settings accordingly.

That depends on the person; your ring detects three different sleep stages: light sleep, deep sleep, and REM sleep. Based on your sleep stage, it will adjust the settings of the ring.

But that is not all; Oura ring also has a companion app called Fitbit connect. Now, combine all this with our experience, and what does Oura ring track?

The Oura ring contains three sensors.

  • Optical heart rate sensor
  • Ceramic heart rate sensor
  • Body temperature sensor

Detects body temperature and body measurements.

You might have heard about the Oura ring; it is a relatively new ring. And it is called that because it uses wireless technology to track how long you are asleep and when you are awake.

Oura ring does this by detecting your body heat. When the ring detects movement, it adjusts the settings depending upon that movement.

Oura ring uses bio-impedance. Bioimpedance means that Oura ring can assess how well your body is from the previous night’s sleep and how much fat are present in your body.

Provide heart rate measurements.

The Oura ring has a feature that can do heart rate monitoring. This feature helps in determining whether or not you are getting enough rest.

It is a handy feature because it can help you determine whether or not you need more sleep.

You can check your heart rate chart through your mobile phone using the Oura app. The app allows you to see your heart rate charts over time.

The heart rate graph can help you understand whether or not you are having any health issues.

Other features include:

  • Nightly heart rate
  • Workout heart rate
  • Heart rate variability
  • Heart rate from morning
  • Respiratory rate

Track steps taken.

The Oura ring also tracks your steps, which is an excellent feature. You can use the Oura app to view your step count.

There are two ways to do this; one way is to add your steps into the app manually. Another way is to sync your activity data automatically.

If you want to sync your step data automatically, then you should make sure that your device has access to Wi-Fi while

Oura ring advantages.

The Oura ring is a sensor ring that monitors your vitals, including heart rate, body temperature, stress levels, and sleep. It reports on this data via a smartphone app.

There is a lot of buzz around the Oura ring. All of the hype about it seems deserved; it is a very clever piece of technology.

If you are looking into wearables, then the Oura ring will be a worthwhile investment.

  • Very clever

The Oura ring works by using an algorithm that analyzes the data which it receives. It then analyzes this data and provides relevant data to the user.

For example, if you are running and you break the perspiration mark, the Oura ring’s algorithm will determine this and notify the smartphone app.

The Oura ring has different sensors. The optical sensor sits on the inside of the ring; you can find the ceramic sensor near the ring’s tip.

These two sensors work together to read your body’s information. The ring connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone.

The ring is water-resistant up to 5m and comes in various colors (Black/Silver, Blush, Rose Gold, and Yellow Gold).

  • Highly Intelligent

The Oura ring operates by using an algorithm.

The algorithm uses information from the sensors and then analyzes the data and presents it to the user. The algorithm is very clever.

Both the ring and the app are highly intuitive and easy to learn. The ring is customizable with its innovative color-changing technology.

It is possible to adjust the color of the ring to reflect different moods and energy levels.

To use the Oura ring, you need to be near a smartphone. To track the data from the ring, you need to download it via the Oura app.

  • Applicable for other apps

Oura has developed a further five apps for the Oura ring. These apps allow you to track more statistics and information, and these are also available from several of the leading app stores for your smartphone.

The Oura cloud is also available for those who wish to have their data stored online.

  • Reliable battery life

Oura’s battery life is very efficient. It lasts longer than many other wearable devices.

You get two weeks of continuous usage out of the Oura ring before needing to charge it again.

The Oura ring does not have to be charged every night, so you can wear it all day long.

The battery life of the ring has been examined and can last seven days based on regular use.

How is Oura ring powered?

Powered by an internal battery, the Oura ring can last up to seven days.

A proprietary battery powers the Oura ring. However, the battery has longer life cycles and recharges a lot faster than other wearables. 

The Oura ring provides continuous readings and does not have an on/off switch. The ring is quite flexible, which makes it comfortable and means that it cannot adapt to areas of the body that have a varying amount of movement.

Can you replace the Oura ring battery?

Yes, you can replace the Oura ring’s battery yourself.

All you need is a screwdriver and a pair of scissors. If you don’t know how to do this, you can ask someone at the local electronics store.

Can you replace the Oura ring battery?

How does Oura ring calculate calorie burning?

Oura ring calculates your calorie-burning based on your activity levels. If you move around a lot during the day, Oura ring will increase the number of steps taken.

Physical activity like walking or running will raise the step count. You can also use the app to enter your workouts manually.

You can also choose from a variety of modes to help you burn more calories. These include:

  • Sedentary way: This mode is suitable if you want to lose weight. It enables you to reduce fat and calories.
  • Lightly active way: This mode is ideal if you’re going to stay fit. It ensures you maintain muscle mass while reducing fat.
  • Moderately active mode: This mode keeps you instead engaged throughout the day. It helps you burn fat and calories.
  • Fully active mode: This mode allows you to work out with full intensity. It helps you burn more calories.

Is Oura ring worth it in 2021?

Oura Rings have been one of the best-selling wearable devices now for many years. So, if you are looking for an affordable fitness tracker with impressive battery life, this might be a suitable choice.

The Oura ring can be a helpful accessory if you have specific issues such as sleeping problems. However, be prepared to pay a high price for some reasonably limited functionality.

Oura ring review: Pros & Cons


  • It’s easy to use
  • It has decent battery life.
  • You can wear it comfortably.
  • Eye-opening data
  • Durability
  • Low Maintenance
  • It’s Improving
  • The promising potential of moment function


  • Expensive
  • It doesn’t work for everyone
  • It can be uncomfortable at first

Which is better, Motiv vs. Oura?

Both are helpful apps for tracking daily activity and sleep patterns. However, Motiv also includes an exercise log with various exercises.

These devices are incredible fitness trackers that track your heart rate and a myriad of other information.

Both keep an eye on your sleep, your movement, and your calories burned. They also look pretty cool!

They can also charge wirelessly, which is a significant time-saver. I have tried both of these systems, and I have found both to be quite useful. Both focus on different things.

The Motiv fitness tracker focuses more on tracking your workouts. The Oura tracker, on the other hand, focuses more on sleep and body movement.

Which tracker will you choose?

The main difference between the two is that Motiv focuses more on your workout sessions and the Oura tracker focuses more on your body. 

One of the main things that both of those things have in common is that they are highly beneficial to your overall health.

The Oura tracker also looks at your heart rate variability. Heart rate variability (HRV) is the measurement of the amount of variation in a beat.

The wider the heart rate variability, the healthier you are. The Oura tracker tracks the time it takes for your heart rate to return to an average level after a specific set activity.

Ultimately, both systems are very efficient and are helpful in different ways. They both track more than just your exercise and your sleep patterns.

They also track your body composition, which is especially useful when it comes to counting calories.

Both trackers are relatively cheap at around $300. The Oura tracker has a deeper data pool and is available online only.

The Motiv tracker is available online and in-store. I suggest you try both and decide which you prefer.

Comparison to other devices.

There are other types of bands that provide similar functionality. These include the Fitbit flex and the Nike+ Fuelband. 

The Fitbit flex has a display; however, it is pretty tiny, and it only has lights to let you know if you’ve been moving enough.

The Nike+ Fuelband also has lights, but it can be programmed up to notify you of other things, including whether you’ve been doing enough exercise.

So far, the Oura ring is proving to be a popular piece of kit. It is easy to use, doesn’t cost as much as other devices, and the data collected seems accurate.

The Fitbit Flex is a better option if you want a fitness tracker with more features.

Final verdict on the Oura ring.

The Oura ring is an easy-to-use and accurate piece of kit. The design of the ring is very comfortable.  The amount of data collected is not as extensive as other more expensive devices, but I find it accurate enough for day-to-day use. The Oura ring can help you lose weight, sleep better and spend less time in the doctor’s office.

Comparison to other devices.

It is worth considering if you are looking for an easy way to improve your lifestyle and overall health. As for me, I recommend the ring for tracking your health daily, especially if you are trying to improve your sleep.

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