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How Many Photos Can Your USB Or Memory Card Hold?

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With almost everyone in the country now owning a smartphone or a laptop, external memory has now become more important than ever, whether that is in the form of a USB key or a memory card.

There are multiple types of USB storage devices on the market and many memory cards from MicroSD cards to larger cards for cameras and other devices. For most of us, memory cards and USB keys are used for storing photos and videos.

However, if you aren’t really technically minded, then navigating the world of external memory devices and the different storage capacities can be an absolute minefield. With this in mind, please read on below to find out how many photos each capacity can hold.

How Many Photos Can 2GB Hold?

A 2GB memory card may seem like a relatively small memory, but it is actually perfect for photos. Whilst this capacity won’t be much use for smartphones and the like, it is perfect for the compact camera and can actually be found in MicroSD card form in many cameras on the market right now. The amount of photos that 2GB can hold will depend on a number of factors but most importantly, the size of the photo that you are trying to store. However, assuming that each photo is 1MB and under, you could easily store at least 2000 photos on a 2GB memory card.

How Many Photos Can 8GB Hold?

Again, 8GB may seem like a small amount of memory in terms of today’s devices. However, for photographs they are more than adequate. If you only take a small amount of photos but you want to store them conveniently all in one place then 8GB is a reasonable size to go for. Again, assuming that each photo that you take is 1MB and under, you will be able to store at least 8000. If they are 2MB and under then you will be able to store at least 4000 photographs.

How Many Photos can 16GB & 32GB Hold?

When it comes to smartphones, most people will go for a MicroSD card with a capacity of 16GB and over. The good thing about memory cards with this capacity is that you are able to not only store a lot of photographs, but also music and videos too. If you are big on multimedia, then a 16GB or 32GB MicroSD card is going to be more than sufficient to meet your storage needs. As you have probably worked out by now, assuming that each photo is 2MB and under and you are only storing photos then you will be able to store at least 8000 on a 16GB card and 16,000 photographs on a 32GB MicroSD card.

How Many Photos Can 64GB Hold?

For the ultimate in external photograph storage, you should opt for a 64GB MicroSD or memory card. With a card of this capacity you will easily be able to store all of your photos, videos and music. Cards of this capacity are perfect for more high-end smartphones where you are more likely to store all of your media files. If each photograph is 2MB and under and you are not going to be storing anything else on the memory card then you would be able to store at least a staggering 32,000 photographs.

As you can see, the amount of photos that can be stored on an external memory device is huge. Choose the capacity based on your needs and you will be completely covered.


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