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Are Oura Rings True To Size? – Find Out Here!

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Which Size Oura Ring Should I Buy? – Our Guide

Oura rings are an investment for people who are into health tech, meaning it’s important to choose the right size if you want to avoid losing your money or having to send your Oura ring back.

Oura rings are said to be true to size thanks to their sizing kit, you can switch them between different fingers until they fit right with desired snugness.

Down below, we’ve put together an extensive sizing guide below, taking you through how to choose your ring size, factors to consider and some tips.

How To Choose Your Oura Ring Size?

Choosing the right size for your Oura ring is very important, the correct ring size will ensure that your ring is comfortable to wear and give the highest data accuracy with the best usage results.

This is why Oura give a sizing kit before you order according to your finger size, this sizing kit comes with plastic ring sizers ranging in sizes between 6-13.

When you get your sizing kit rings, follow the steps below in order to choose the right-sized ring.

  • Step one – Start by opening your sizing kit and choosing the usual ring sizes for your hand, note that all of the sizing kit rings have the same width and circumference, they might seem slightly different in weight however and are more uncomfortable to wear than the actual ring.
  • Step two – Now choose your finger, avoid the fingers with larger knuckles and instead opt for the ring finger, middle finger or index finger.
  • Step three – Make sure you have the proper ring orientation, the sensor bumps should always be on the palm size of the finger so that the ring can be able to track your health data properly and make sure the ring fits snug but not too tight.
  • Step four – Fingers can contact and expand due to the environment, therefore we suggest testing the typical ring size for your finger for at least 24 hours in total, the ring should stay in the same place during the day.
  • Step five – Now confirm your ideal ring size on the website and place your order!

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Oura Ring Size

If you’ve come across two sizes which fit well during the sizing process you might be stuck between the two.

Consider these two factors to help you decide, but in most cases, you should size down.

  • Accuracy – In order for the Oura ring to work properly, the sensor bump and LED sensors need to be snug on your skin but not uncomfortably tight, in this case, choose the ring which fits more tightly.
  • Materials – Plastic ring sizers can feel stickier on your skin, the actual Oura ring however will not slide around during daily wear due to the mould, therefore choose the ring size which feels more comfortable.

Which Fingers Should I Wear My Oura Ring On?

One of the great things about the Oura ring is that you can wear them on any finger as long as the sensor bump is against the skin properly.

It is recommended to wear the Oura ring on the index, ring or middle finger, other fingers such as the thumb finger and pinky finger can be uncomfortable, we also suggest not wearing your Oura ring next to another ring finger which can cause friction.

The new Oura ring generation 3

Tips For Sizing Right With The Oura Ring

You want to make sure that your Oura ring fits well on your fingers for everyday wear without issues, we’ve listed our best tips to ensure a fit with comfort.

  • Wear it overnight – Your hands tend to swell up first thing in the morning, we, therefore, suggest wearing your average ring size overnight to make sure it fits properly.
  • Avoid gaps – If the ring in your sizing kit has gaps, try to size them down, gaps can stop the sensors in the Oura ring from working properly.
  • Wash hands with soap and water – Washing your hands when wearing the ring size will ensure the ring will not slip off during daily wear.
  • Wear it during all your activities – Whether you’re going to the gym, sauna or general household chores, wear your ring size to make sure it’s suitable for everyday wear.

Are Oura Rings True To Size?

Thanks to the sizing kit Oura ring has, their sizes are true to size, we do not recommend choosing an Oura ring size based on your regular ring size since the sizing is different.

Can I Print Oura Ring Sizers?

If you have a 3D printer you can indeed print Oura’s ring sizers, just ensure you are using the appropriate sturdy materials to print the ring with and print a few sizes, to begin with then adjust according to what you need.

Can I Send An Oura Ring Back?

If you have ordered the wrong Oura ring size then you can always send it back within 30 days, however, bear in mind if you gain or lose weight after 30 days then you cannot send the Oura ring back.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oura Rings & Sizing

What do the LED sensors on the Oura rings do?

The LED sensors on the Oura rings can track metrics such as heart rate and temperature which relate to your health.

Do Oura follow the same sizing process as Pandora ring sizes?

No, the sizing process for both brands of rings is different, do not assume the sizes are the same and follow the sizing guide for the Oura rings to ensure a comfortable match on your finger.

How thick is the Oura ring?

The Oura rings have a thickness of around 2.55mm depending on the design you get, they are thicker than standard rings since they contain the sensors inside of them.

Do I need to take the Oura ring off when I shower?

No, you don’t need to take it off while showering since the Oura ring is fully waterproof.

Can I wear the Oura ring as a wedding ring?

There is no reason why an Oura ring can’t be worn as a wedding ring and picks up metrics well when worn on the ring finger, middle finger or index finger.

Can Oura rings get scratched?

Oura rings can indeed get scratched by softer metal jewellery, there might be damage if the ring is exposed to heat for a long time too so make sure to take care of your ring properly.

Last Words

Overall, Oura rings are true to size thanks to their sizing kit which allows you to pick the right size according to your fingers. Make sure your Oura ring is not too tight and avoid gaps.

We always recommend switching between your middle finger, ring finger, and index finger to get the right fit if you start to grow out of your ring. You can also try wearing your Oura ring on your thumb to see if it will make you feel more comfortable.

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