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What To Do If Asus Laptop Is Stuck On Bios Utility EZ Mode?

What Should I Do If My Asus Laptop Is Stuck On BIOS Utility EZ Mode?

If your Asus laptop is stuck on BIOS utility EZ mode, there are several things you should try. First, press F2 repeatedly until you reach the boot menu. Next, select the Safe Boot option and press Enter key. Finally, restart your system and enter BIOS setup. You may find that your problem has resolved itself.

Remove acries and update BIOScesso

If your computer is stuck in BIOS Utility EZ Mode and you’ve tried all of the above steps without success, then you’ll probably need to reset your CMOSTM. A CMOS reset is a quick process that requires you to press F2 during POST.

CMOS stands for Chip Memory Overflow System. It’s a small chip inside your motherboard that stores settings and data related to your system. These include the boot order, power management settings, security settings, and more. Resetting the CMOSTM resets all of those settings to default values, allowing your computer to start normally.

Resetting the CMOSTM is a quick process that only takes a minute or two. All you need to do is press F2 during POST, wait for the computer to finish loading Windows, and then restart your computer. Once you reboot, your computer should load normally.

Confirm the settings in BIOS

If your Asus laptop is stuck on BIOS utility EZ mode, you should confirm the settings in BIOS. There are two kinds of BIOS screens which are UEFI mode and legacy mode. Please go to the corresponding instructions based on the current display of your computer and then refer to the following steps in order.


(You can select and choose items via arrow keys and enter the keyboard, touchpad or mouse)

Into the BIOS utility you should Press hotkey F7, or with the mouse’s cursor to go into Advanced Mode.

Load BIOS-optimized defaults. Go back to the Save & Exit screen, then select the Restore Defaults item.

Check whether the boot option is right. Go back to the Boot screen, select Boot Option #1 item and then ensure the Boot option comes with the correct media storage selected.

Save & Exit Setup. Go back to the Save&Exit screen, then select Save Changes and Exit item and then select Yes.

Confirm select OK and press Enter key, or use the mouse to click Ok that the screen displays. Note: If there is nothing shown in the Boot Option, it indicates that your computer cannot correctly detect the media storage. You need to contact ASUS product support.

Legacy Mode

(You can only select items by using arrow keys and enter of Keyboard, touchpad or mouse.)

Enter the BIOS configuration.

Load BIOS optimized default. Go back to Save and Exit setup, then select Restore Defaults item and then select Yes

Check whether the Boot option is right. Go to Back to Boot screen, select Booting Option #1 item and ensure the Boot option comes up with the correct media storage.

Note: If you don’t know where to find the Boot option, you need to search for it manually.

Commonly Asked Questions

How Can I Close The BIOS Setup Utility?

You’ll find that most computers come with a BIOS setup utility. You can access this utility by pressing the F10 key during startup. Once inside the BIOS setup utility, you’ll notice that there is a Save Changes button at the bottom right corner of the window. Press this button to close the utility and return to Windows.

How Do I Free Up A Frozen Asus BIOS?

You may not realize it, but your motherboard has a built-in circuit breaker that automatically shuts off the power supply if the voltage goes below a certain level. Once the power is shut off, the motherboard won’t start until the voltage returns to its original state. So, if you accidentally leave the power plugged in overnight, the next morning you’ll wake up to find that your motherboard isn’t working properly.

This is where the circuit breaker comes in handy. When the voltage dips below a certain point, the circuit breaker turns off the power supply. After 30 seconds, the motherboard will reboot itself and work normally once the power is turned back on.

How Do I Disable The UEFI Setup Tool?

You may not realize it, but there is actually a built-in function within the BIOS setup utility called Quit without saving changes. You can access this feature by pressing F1 during boot-up. Once you reach the UEFI screen, look for the option labelled Quit without saving changes. Press that button and you’ll be able to exit the UEFI setup utility.

Once you reboot, you’ll notice that the computer won’t start automatically anymore. Instead, you’ll have to manually power the system. However, once you do, you’ll no longer be presented with the UEFI setup utility and you’ll be free to continue using Windows 10.

How Do I Enter The BIOS On An Asus EZ Mode?

To access the BIOS settings on an ASUS EZ Mode motherboard, press F2 during POST. You’ll see the following screen:

Press F10 to save changes and exit the BIOS setup program. Press Esc to return to the main menu.

Is Updating BIOS Dangerous?

You should never attempt to flash your BIOS without following the directions carefully. Doing so could cause irreversible damage to your motherboard. If you’re unsure whether or not you should upgrade your BIOS, ask yourself whether or not you’d rather risk losing access to your hardware or risking permanent damage to your computer.

If you decide to upgrade your BIOS, you should perform a backup first. Then, download the latest version of your BIOS using the link provided below. After downloading the file, save it to a USB thumb drive. Next, insert the thumb drive into your computer and boot from it. Follow the prompts to install the new BIOS. Once installed, reboot your computer and enjoy the benefits of the updated BIOS.

How Can I Exit The BIOS Loop?

This is one of those questions that seems simple enough at first glance, but actually requires quite a bit of technical knowledge to answer properly.

You may think that you simply press F2 during boot-up to enter the BIOS loop, but that isn’t true. You really need to exit the BIOS loop before pressing any keys.

To exit the BIOS loop, you must first unplug the tower (if desktop), or battery (if laptop), and then open it up and remove its CMOS battery. Wait 30 seconds and then replace it and try it once more.

Once you’ve done that, you should be able to successfully power off the computer without getting stuck in the BIOS loop.

How Can I Exit The Asus UEFI Bios Utility?

To exit the Asus UEFI bios utility, press F10 to save and quit. You’ll now be able to access the main menu of your PC. From there, you can continue installing Windows 10.

How To Find The Asus Boot Options?

You’ll find the Asus boot options under the Boot tab in the UEFI menu. You can access the Boot tab by pressing F2 during POST. There you’ll find a list of available boot entries. Each boot option corresponds to a specific file system. Choose the one that matches the file system you want to install.

For instance, if you want to install Windows 10 Home, select the W10_Home option. Then press Enter to continue.

How Can I Exit The UEFI Bios Utility EZ Mode?

This guide shows you how to exit the UEFI BIOS utility EZ mode. You’ll find that it’s very simple to solve problems caused by an invalid boot order.

First, open the Aptio Setup utility. Then, under the Security tab, click Secure Boot Settings. Finally, uncheck the box next to Enable secure boot. Save and exit. Now reboot your computer and enter the UEFI BIOS setup utility. Select the OS drive and press Enter. Then, scroll down until you see the option labelled Legacy Support. Press F10 to save changes and exit the UEFI BIOS setup.

Now restart your computer and log in normally. Enjoy the new UEFI BIOS settings!

What Is The Exit From UEFI Boot Mode?

UEFI boot mode allows you to start Windows 10 only if there is no operating system installed on your computer. You can enter UEFI boot mode by pressing the F2 key during startup. However, if you want to exit from UEFI boot mode, you must press Esc instead of F2.

You can find the Exit from UEFI Boot Mode option under the Boot Manager menu item. Simply select it and press Enter.

How Do I Change BIOS Configurations?

You should definitely change your BIOS configurations if you’ve ever had any problems with your computer booting up. You may not realize that there are certain settings that you can adjust within the BIOS setup utility. These settings include changing the default settings for your hard drive(s), setting the default settings for your CD/DVD drives, and adjusting the default settings for your network adapter.

To access the BIOS setup utility, press the F2 key at startup or during the power-on self-test (POST). Then, enter the BIOS setup utility using the keyboard shortcuts mentioned above. Once inside, you’ll be able to configure various settings related to your motherboard, hard disk drives, optical disc drives, and network adapters.

For instance, you might want to change the default settings for your DVD drive, hard disk drive, or a network adapter. Or maybe you’d like to change the default settings used for your operating system installation. Whatever you decide, you’ll find detailed instructions here.

How Do I Access The Asus UEFI BIOS Tool?

You’ll find the Asus UEFI BIOS tool right here at the bottom of the list of boot devices. You’ll need to access the tool through the Advanced Startup menu. Once you’re there, select Troubleshooting/Advanced Options and scroll down until you see the option called ‘Firmware Settings. Click on that option and you should now be able to access the BIOS setup utility.

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