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Can You Wear Oura Ring On Thumb? Let’s Find Out!

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Is IT Okay To Wear An Oura Ring On Your Thumb? – Our Guide

If you have recently brought an Oura ring, you might be wondering which finger to wear it on, or if you can wear the ring on your thumb? 

When you buy an Oura ring, it is recommended to wear it on your thumb, middle finger or ring finger, some people do have good results by wearing it on their thumb.

We’ve discussed in further detail below how to choose the right-sized Oura ring, tips for wearing one if the Oura ring is true to size and how to get the most out of your ring.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Oura Ring? 

When you order your Oura ring, it will come with a sizing kit which will help you decide the size of the oura ring you need for your fingers. 

It is recommended that you wear your plastic sizing Oura ring for 24 hours to see if it fits properly, wear it overnight to see if it fits your hands in the morning (since they start to swell up) and when touching water make sure it doesn’t slip. 

Tips For Wearing An Oura Ring 

You can wear an Oura ring on your ring finger, middle finger and index finger, but you might also be able to wear the ring on other fingers depending on the fit. 

We’ve listed some tips for sizing and wearing an Oura ring below. 

  • Keep the sensors on the palm side – It is very important to keep the sensors of the Oura ring on the palm side so that it can pick up heart rate and other info accurately and translate it into metrics.
  • Avoid gaps – If your sizing ring is gappy, we suggest sizing down to ensure your Oura ring fits properly. Use the sizing kit provided before you order to check if your Oura ring is true to size.
  • Consider comfort – Make sure your Oura ring is not too tight, the ring should be comfortable to wear but not too tight. Try different fingers to get the right size.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Oura Ring

Think of your Oura ring as a personal guide to your health, when you follow this guide, you can see some great results in your health. 

We’ve listed how to get the most out of your Oura ring below.

  • Get better sleep – Oura rings give you an excellent insight into your sleep score, how long you are in deep sleep, REM scores and awake periods, if you think you are getting enough sleep, you might be surprised!
  • Understand your heart rate variability – Heart rate variability essentially shows when your body is stressed and when it isn’t, this gives a great insight into what you should be doing more which keeps you in a relaxed state such as meditation.
  • Think about timing – If you eat a certain meal prior-night’s sleep or drink a certain drink, this can massively affect your sleep and body, this can lead you to make an alternate choice when consuming and see what works best for your body.

Last Words

Overall, you can wear an Oura ring on your thumb, however, it is more recommended to wear it on your index finger, middle finger or ring finger. Always ensure the sensors are on the palm side of your thumb/finger.

If you want to try wearing them on the thumb, we recommend starting with small sizes. The larger the sizing kit, the less comfortable they will become.

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