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How To Test A Laptop Battery With A Multimeter?

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how to test laptop battery with multimeter

How To Use A Multimeter To Test A Laptop Battery?

A multimeter is a handy device that helps you measure electrical current and resistance. It’s used to test batteries, power supplies, and electronic components. All batteries have a specific voltage rating, which means that if the voltage reading drops below that number, the battery is no longer usable.

To test your laptop battery performance, you’ll need to connect the multimeter to the battery terminals. Then, note down the voltage reading. Compare it to the voltage rating of the battery. If the voltage reading is lower than the rated value, then there might be a problem with the battery.

This process does not require any special computer knowledge, just basic stuff that is easily followed.

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What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Laptop Battery?

Laptop batteries tend to last longer if you keep them clean and free of dust. You should also avoid charging your laptop battery at extreme temperatures. Charging your laptop battery at extreme heat can shorten its lifespan.

After testing your laptop battery capacity, you’ll want to replace it if it doesn’t hold enough juice to meet your needs. You can find replacement laptop batteries online or at most electronics stores.

Steps For Testing Your Laptop Battery With A Multimeter

1. Ensure That Your Laptop Is Fully Charged

You should never leave your laptop unplugged overnight. Even if you think you won’t be using it, there’s still a chance that you might wake up and find yourself staring at a blank computer screen. You’ll probably feel frustrated, especially if you were hoping to work on a project or finish reading an article online.

2. Verify Your Battery’s Voltage Rating

You’ll need to verify the battery voltage before testing it with a multimeter. Most laptops indicate the voltage rating on the battery itself. However, sometimes the label isn’t visible.

3. Locate The Connector Ports

You’ll find the connector ports at the bottom of the laptop. You may not be able to see them if the laptop is closed, but once open, you’ll notice that there are 5 small holes along the sides of the laptop. These are the connector ports.

To locate the connector ports, start by opening the laptop. Once the lid is opened, you’ll see 5 small holes along the edges of the laptop. These holes are the connector ports.

4. Change Your Multimeter’s Settings As Necessary

Your healthy laptop battery may not last forever, and if yours isn’t lasting long enough, there might be a problem. You should test your laptop battery regularly to find out whether it needs replacing.

You’ll notice that the multimeter shows a reading of 0.0 volts. However, if your battery is bad, it won’t charge at all. Therefore, you’ll need to replace it.

5. Connect The Connector Ports On The Multimeter.

To test your laptop battery, you’ll need a multimeter. There are two main types of connectors used to attach multimeters to laptops. One type uses a standard USB port, and the other type uses a proprietary connection called Thunderbolt.

You can find out which type of battery connector you have by using the following steps. First, plug the multimeter into the USB port on your computer. Next, open the case of your laptop and locate the power button. Press down firmly until you hear a clicking sound. Then, press down further until you feel resistance.

Now, look at the bottom of the laptop and you should see either a small round hole or a rectangular slot. Plug the multimeter into the appropriate connector port on the laptop.

6. Take The Multimeter’s Readings.

The multimeter will only read if the connections are correct. If the connections are incorrect, then the multimeter won’t register any readings.

Once you’ve taken the measurements, you’ll be able to determine whether your laptop’s unhealthy battery needs replacing.

7. After The Battery Has Been Discharged, Monitor The Voltage.

You’ll want to test your laptop battery’s voltage after it’s been discharged. You can do this using a multimeter. Repeat measuring the battery’s voltage every 50% until the battery is completely dead.

Then compare the readings to those taken when the percentage of battery power was at 100%. If the battery is drained and there isn’t any voltage left, then you may have a problem.

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How Can I Tell If My Laptop Battery Is Dead?

You may not realize it, but there’s a simple test you can perform to determine whether your laptop battery is dead. You’ll need a multimeter, which is a small device used to measure electrical current.

If the battery still doesn’t hold a charge after testing, it’s probably dead. If it does hold a charge, then you can continue reading below to learn how to replace your laptop battery.

Risks Of Plugging A Dead Battery Into Your Laptop

A dead laptop battery can cause serious malfunctions if plugged into your laptop. Overheating can lead to fire, which can damage your laptop. You should never plug a dead battery into your laptop unless you are absolutely certain that it won’t explode.

If there is no click, then your laptop’s healthy battery is still alive. However, if you hear a loud buzzing noise, then your laptop battery needs replacing.

How To Use A Multimeter To Measure Battery Amperage?

Battery testing is essential to ensuring that batteries work properly. You should test the battery every time you replace it because batteries lose capacity over time.

To test a battery, disconnect the battery from the circuit and rotate the multimeter dial to measure the battery’s voltage. Next, connect the multimeter leads to either end of the battery’s terminals.

Then, take the reading on the multimeters. If the reading matches the number on the battery’s label or packaging, then the automotive battery is working correctly.


What Are The Possible Problems With Plugging A Dead Battery Into Your Laptop?

With an analog multimeter, when you slide the dial, the pointer moves up and down. However, because digital multimeters don’t contain any moving parts, they’re more accurate than analog multimeters.

Is Using A Multimeter To Test Laptop Batteries Safe?

Testing the battery life of laptops using a multimeter is safe (although not recommended).

Why Is It Important To Check A Laptop’s Battery?

If a laptop battery has stopped functioning properly, it should be checked out by an expert for battery failure.


A multimeter is an ideal test tool for checking out a laptop’s battery lifespan. It measures voltage, current, and resistance, allowing you to find out if there are any issues with the defective battery. You should replace faulty batteries every two years, and a multimeter is the easiest way to tell if yours needs replacing.

To test a battery’s performance, simply connect the multimeter to the positive terminal of the battery, and the negative terminal of the battery to the ground. Then, press the + button until the meter reads 0 volts. Next, press the – button until the meter reads 12 volts.

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