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How To Take A Screenshot On Samsung Laptop?

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How To Take A Screenshot on Samsung Laptop?

Samsung laptops are known for their gorgeous hardware and stunning touch screens, but many people need to learn how to take screenshots on their computers. To take a full-screen screenshot on your Samsung laptop, press the Print Screen button above the keyboard.

Screenshots are essential for many reasons. They help us save our precious data and documents from getting lost. They help us keep track of what we do online, and they allow us to show off our skills and talents to others. But capturing those images can be challenging. There are times when it just doesn’t seem possible. You’re trying to take a picture of something, and nothing happens. Or maybe you’ve tried taking a screenshot, and it turned out poorly. In either case, there might be some things you could try to make happen. Here are five types of screenshot on your Samsung laptop.

1. Use The Windows + Print Screen Keys.

If you want to capture a particular window or even just a portion of your screen, you can do it easily using the Windows + PrtScn keys. This method works well for screenshots because it captures everything on your display, including the mouse pointer and any active applications.

To capture a window, hold the Windows button and press the PrtScn key. To capture a region of the screen, hold down the Windows button while pressing the PrtScn button repeatedly. Once you’ve caught what you want, go on an image editor. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Print Screen + K to capture a window. Then, you could copy and paste the resulting URL into a browser.

2. Use The Windows Snipping Tool

The Windows Snipping tool lets you capture a portion of your desktop screen. To use this feature, open up the Windows Snipping tool by clicking the icon in the taskbar. Once opened, you’ll see three options: Screenshot, Screencast, and Printscreen. Select one of those options depending on what you’d like to do.

For example, if you want to save a picture of your desktop, select “Screenshot.” If you’d like to record yourself typing something into a text box, select “Screencast.” And finally, if you’d like to print out a particular part of your screen, select “Printscreen.” You can also choose to save the image to your Pictures folder automatically.

3. Use The Ctrl + Prtscrn Keys.

This method allows you to take a full-screen capture by pressing the “Ctrl “+ “Prt Scrn to take an awesome screenshot of your entire computer screen.

When you press Ctrl+Shift+3, you’ll see a small window on your desktop. Clicking inside that window will take a screenshot of your entire computer display.

Paste the image to any image editing program by pressing “Ctrl “+ “V.”

If you’d like to take a screenshot of the current page, go to the screen you’d like to take one of and click the “use a photo editor” button. You can then choose whether to store the image on your computer or phone.

If you don’t want to use an online tool for taking screenshots, you can copy and paste the screenshot into the document you’re creating or editing. Make sure you put the mouse pointer where you want the screenshot and press “CTRL+V.”

4. Snip And Sketch Tool On Windows 10

Windows 10 snip & sketch tool is one of the best ways to capture your computer screen without installing additional software in Windows. This feature allows you to easily snap a picture of your laptop screen, edit it, and save it directly to OneDrive. You can even add text annotations to your screenshot. Here we show how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Press Win+Shift+4 to open the snip & sketch tool.

Step 2: Click on New to start snapping a photo.

Step 3: Choose Full-Screen mode to ensure everything appears on the laptop screen.

Step 4: Select the area where you want to place the image.

Step 5: Once you select the area, press Enter to confirm.

Step 6: Save the file to OneDrive.

Step 7: Now, you can upload the file to your favorite social media site like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

5. Windows 10 Game Bar

If you are looking for a way to take screenshots without opening the default screenshot app, here is another method. This method works even if the default screenshot app is already running.

The Windows 10 Game Bar is a tool that allows you to record videos and take screenshots while playing games. To access the Game Bar, press the Windows key + G together to open the Game Bar. Then click on the Camera button to start recording the video or the Screenshot button to take a screenshot.

You can also use the Windows Search feature to learn how to use the Game Bar. Type “game bar” into the search box and hit Enter. A list of related apps will appear. Click on the Game Bar option to open the Game Bar itself.


In conclusion, our article helped you learn how to screenshot Samsung laptops. We tried to cover every possible way to take screenshots on Samsung laptops. Please let us know in the comments section if you know other ways to capture screenshots on Samsung laptops.

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