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Why Is My Fitbit Time Not Updating?

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Why Isn’t My Fitbit Time Updating?

Fitbit users sometimes find themselves wondering why their Fitbit isn’t updating. There are several reasons why this might happen.

One of the main reasons is that your battery may be dead. You should replace your battery if it’s less than 50% charged. Or your watch may be damaged. Try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol.

Open the Fitbit App on your phone. Tap the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Scroll down to Find My Phone and tap on it. A pop-up window will open. Tap on Scan for Devices. A list of available devices will show up. Choose your watch and press OK.

How Do You Change Or Set The Time On Your Fitbit?

Fitbit users may find themselves wondering how to change or set up the time on their Fitbit. There are two options available: manually setting the time or using the automatic sync feature. 

If Necessary, Use The Sync Now Feature To Force A Sync

This problem occurs because Fitbit doesn’t automatically sync the data every 24 hours. Instead, it waits until the end of the current day to sync the data. So if you sync your data at 9 am, and then sleep through the night without syncing, the data won’t show up until the following morning.

To fix this issue, you’ll need to force a sync using the Fitbit app. You can do this by opening the app, tapping on the menu button, and selecting “Sync Now”. After that, choose “Forced Sync” and press OK.

Check That You Have Enabled Background App Refresh In The Fitbit App

To enable background app refresh in your Fitbit app, open the Fitbit app and tap on the gear icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Then toggle the switch next to Enable Background App Refresh to On.

You’ll now be able to track your activity without any problems.

Restart Your Computer

Sometimes, restarting your computer may fix problems with Fitbit Time. However, if your problem persists after doing so, try checking your internet connection. You might need to reset your router settings. Also, make sure that your Fitbit app isn’t running in the background. If it is, close it down and reopen it. If that doesn’t work, uninstall and reinstall the app. 

Manually Change The Time Zone In The Fitbit App

To manually adjust the time zone feature in the Fitbit app, open the app and tap the gear icon at the bottom right corner. Scroll down until you reach the Time Zone option. Tap the arrow next to the current time zone and select another time zone.

How To Manually Adjust Your Fitbit’s Time Without A Phone?

1. Open the app on your smartphone. 2. Tap the menu icon at the bottom right corner of the app. 3. Select Settings 4. Scroll down until you reach the General tab 5. Click on Date & Time 6. Set the date and time to the correct time 7. Save changes 8. Close the app 9. Restart your Fitbit 10. Enjoy your new time!

Why Didn’t My Fitbit Automatically Update To Daylight Savings Time Or Standard Time?

For instance, if you live in Germany, you’ll experience a two-hour difference between daylight savings time (DST) and standard time (STD). So, if you wake up at 7 am, DST starts at 8 am, and STD begins at 9 am. If you sleep until 10 pm, DST ends at 11 pm, and STD continues until midnight.

Toggle Automatic Time Zone Setting On And Off

First, you can toggle the automatic time zone setting on and off. By default, the Fitbit app sets itself to the user’s local time zone. However, if you’d rather have the Fitbit time display the correct time regardless of where you live, you can change the setting to ‘off’.

Second, you can toggle the automatic date/time format setting on and off. The default setting is to show dates and times in the format dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM. If you prefer to keep the current format, you can change the option to ‘off’.

How To Convert Your Fitbit From A 12-hour To A 24-hour Clock Or Vice Versa?

To convert your Fitbit from a 12-hour clock to a military time (24-hour clock), simply change the settings on your Fitbit. You’ll notice that the time now shows up as 24 hours instead of 12 hours.

Using The Dashboard Of Your Fitbit Online Account

Fitbit users can access their fitness tracker dashboard online at (note: check our write up on Amazon Halo Vs Whoop). You’ll find there a variety of stats including steps taken, calories burned, distance traveled, sleep quality, heart rate, etc. There’s also a section called My Activity where you can view your daily activity history.

What Should You Do If Your Fitbit’s Time Is Still Incorrect?

There are two main reasons why your Fitbit may still be at the wrong time. First, your battery may be low. Second, your watch may malfunctioning. If either of those problems occurs, you’ll need to charge your battery and replace your watch.

You should only attempt to fix your Fitbit’s time if you haven’t already charged your battery. Otherwise, you risk damaging your watch. If you think your battery needs charging, plug it into the charger and let it sit overnight. Then, try using your Fitbit again. If the time still doesn’t work, you’ll need to replace your watch.

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