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17 Best Android Torrent Apps

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Top 17 Best Torrent Apps For Android

What Is A Torrent?

A torrent is a peer-to-peer network where users upload and download data. You can think of it as a giant library where everyone shares their books, movies, music, etc. There are two types of torrents: public and private.

Public torrents are open to anyone and do not require any login credentials. Private torrents are only available to those who have registered with the site.

LibreTorrent is an excellent free Android torrent app based of libtorrent, providing users with e torrent downloader that’s free of both ads and gunk without skimping on features.

Read through the descriptions to decide which one suits your needs best.

1. LibreTorrent

LibreTorrent is a free Android torrent client that allows you to search for and download files from other people in the same way as BitTorrent does. It’s also possible to share files via email or social networks like Facebook and Twitter.1. LibreTorrent

It is an outstanding free Android torrent app based on libtorrent, offering users e torrent download manager that’s free of both adverts and gunk without skimming on features.

Users can set the download directory and automatically move completed downloads, configure network usage, set torrent downloading only when connected to Wi-Fi, set download priority and sequencing, and support for scheduling & streaming.

Extreme configurability and ease of use make LibreTorrent an excellent option for those looking for a powerful, good-for-file sharing, and user-friendly Android Torrent app.

Download LibreTorrent for Android now!

2. aTorrent

ATorrent is a free, advertising-supported Android torrent client that covers most of the basics with standard features. You can open up a torrent file search dialog, with support magnet links, as well as set the download folder and run multiple downloads at once.

Partial downloads let you specify individual files to download within a torrent. Helpful features include a Wi-Fi-only mode to minimize 4G usage, and the ability to pause downloads when your phone isn’t connected to external power.

While aTorrent is ad-sponsored, users can purchase a $1.99 pro version to remove ads.

3. TorrDroid

This is a great torrent app for Android users with basic features. It’s completely free, and it comes with tons of awesome features. You’ll never have to pay a cent for downloading torrents using this app.

You can search for torrent files using the built-in torrent search feature. Once you find a torrent you’d like to download, click on the magnet link to start downloading.

It’s completely free, and it comes with a ton of awesome features. You’ll find a built-in torrent engine, magnet links, options for individual files and sequential downloads, upload/download limits, and a toggle to enable torrenting only through Wi-Fi.

You can try out the free version of the app, but if you’d rather not deal with ads, there’s a paid option available for $1.99.

4. WeTorrent

WeTorrent is another great Android torrent app. It’s free, ad-supported, and handles torrent files and magnet links with equal aplomb!

Users can set the app to automatically download torrents only over WiFi, as well as manage downloaded files directly from within the app.

Premium users can remove ads, extend support for sequential downloads, prioritize downloads, proxy support and an auto-shutdown feature that kills the app once your torrents are finished downloading.

You can also set the app to automatically shut down after your torrents finish downloading. This makes it easier to keep track of your downloads without worrying about accidentally leaving the app running in the background.

With the premium version ($1.99), you can remove ads and extend support for sequential downloads, automatic shutdown, and download priority.

5. µTorrent

There are plenty of great Android torrent apps out there, but if you’re looking for a simple, straightforward option, then you should definitely consider using µTorrent. It’s free, fast, reliable,

The µTorrent Android app covers the basics, with unlimited downloading speeds and file sizes, torrent searching, configurable upload and downloading limits, partial downloads, RSS subscriptions, and support for magnet links. You can also save files to external storage devices, play downloaded files directly from the app, and view your media library.

Updates keep adding new features, including saving to external SD cards and an integrated media player for watching your downloads right from the application. There’s also a paid version of µTorrent that strips away ads and includes a feature to reduce power consumption.

6. tTorrent Lite

tTorrent is a great choice if you want a simple, fast, and reliable torrent client. It doesn’t come with any ads, and it’s completely free. You can either pay $1.99 for the pro version or opt for the free lite version. Either way, you’ll still get access to all the same features.

You can easily add torrents using the built-in search function. Once you find a torrent, click on its magnet link to start downloading it. There’s no limit to the number of downloads you can perform at once.

There’s also a handy RSS feed feature that allows you to keep track of new releases without needing to visit the site every day. You can also filter out certain categories of files, such as movies, music, games, and software.

Downloading torrents is quick and easy thanks to the built-in download manager. You can pause and resume downloads whenever you want.

tTorrent is a solid option if you want a simple and reliable torrent client. Whether you decide to buy the pro version or not, you won’t regret getting started with tTorrent today.

7. Checketry

This is a great Android torrent app if you’re looking for a simple solution to downloading files from various sources. You can track down any kind of file you want, including games, movies, music, software, etc., and download them directly onto your device.

You can monitor downloads for free but upgrading to a premium membership ($2.99/month) unlocks additional features like remotely stopping and starting downloads, setting a shutdown timer, and preventing your computer from sleeping during downloads.

Your subscription also removes ads.

8. FrostWire

FrostWire is a great option if you’re looking for a simple torrent client. It offers a lot of functionality without being overwhelming. You’ll find a torrent search feature, a built-in music player, and a basic file manager.

Besides offering the basic torrenting functions, FrostWire includes a built-in media player that supports streaming playback of torrents in progress. It’s a nice touch that makes it easier to watch movies and TV shows while downloading them at the same time.

You’ll also find a basic file manager, allowing you to browse through your files and folders. It’s not as advanced as some of the other apps out there, but it does the job.

Overall, FrostWire is a solid choice for anyone looking for a simple torrent app.

9. BitTorrent

One version is called µTorrent and the other is called BitTorrent. Both are very similar in terms of functionality and features. However, the only difference between the two is the color scheme.

Both versions of BitTorrent include unlimited downloads and uploads, no limits on file sizes, RSS subscriptions, and support for external storage. You can also add external storage to your device using either version of the app.

As for choosing one or the other, it really comes down to personal preference. Some people like the look of the green version, whereas others prefer the purple version. Either way, you’ll find that both versions work well and provide excellent performance.

10. Transdrone

Transdrone is a great option if you want to manage your torrents remotely. You can access your torrent files from anywhere using any computer or mobile device. You can also download torrent files directly to your phone or tablet without needing to install anything. All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

This makes it easier to keep track of your downloads and uploads, especially if you’re away from your computer. There are plenty of options available for managing your torrents remotely, but Transdrone is unique in that it supports multiple applications at once.

That means you can easily switch between downloading and uploading torrents, pause/resume downloads, and change settings. You can also view detailed statistics about your torrents, including file sizes, speeds, and times left until completion.

All of this functionality comes in a single app, making it ideal for anyone who wants to stay connected to their torrents no matter where they are.

11. Vuze

There are plenty of great torrent apps out there, but if you’re looking for a simple, lightweight torrent app, look no further than Vuze. It’s fast, reliable, and doesn’t require any additional software.

With Vuze, you’ll find a built-in torrent client, a Wi-Fi-only mode, and customizable upload and download limits. You can also configure the incoming port Vuze uses, and the app plays a sound or notification when files are downloaded.

You won’t find any ads or clutter here, and it’s completely free. Download Vuze today!

12. Vuze Remote

Vuze Remote allows you to control Vuze on your desktop remotely. You can adjust upload and download speeds, file priorities, and search for torrents on the fly. It’s a great tool for managing multiple torrents at once, especially if you have a large number of files to transfer and it will go directly to your internal storage.

You can also use Vuze Remote to push torrents to your computer or laptop for downloading. It’s a versatile tool that serves not only as a remote torrent management app but also works well with the Transmission torrent client.

13. Transmission Remote

Transmission Remote is a great alternative to using Vuze Remote. You can remotely control the desktop installation of transmission from your phone.

Once you’ve enabled remote control, you can connect with the transmission remote to view your active torrent, control speed and priority settings, pause, resume and remove torrents, add torrent files, and manage multiple transmissions servers.

You can also download torrents directly from your phone without downloading them onto your computer.

This is a great option if you prefer not to install Transmission on your computer.

14. zetaTorrent

ZetaTorrent is a full-featured and unique Android torrent app that comes with a built-in browser that has an ad blocker, bookmarks, history, etc. It can auto-detect torrent files and magnet links and download them directly.

You can save files in specific directories, enable WiFi-only mode, set download/upload bandwidth and connection limits, etc. This torrent client has a full-blown file manager and options for Wifi file transfers.

You can also select the storage locations and also secure the app using a passcode. Overall, ZetaTorrent is one of our favorite torrent apps for Android.

15. BiglyBT

BiglyBT is a great and popular torrent app for your Android device. It offers a lot of functionality, including support for magnet links, DHT, RSS feeds, web seeds, etc. It’s also completely free and open source.

This is an open-source torrent app, by the way, so there are no ads at all. You won’t find any annoying popups either. Just as clean, simple navigation and a beautiful interface.

You’ll notice that the app doesn’t look very similar to most other apps. Instead, it looks like a native app built specifically for Android TV. We’ve tested it extensively and found that it works perfectly on Android TV.

We didn’t test every single torrent app, of course, but we did try out several others. None of them worked properly on Android TV, unfortunately. So if you’re looking for a torrent app that works well on Android TV, then BiglyBT is definitely worth checking out.

16. Torrnado

This is a great Android torrent app if you’re looking for something a little bit different from the basic torrent features! You won’t find any downloads here, though. Instead, it connects directly to your computer and allows you to view the torrents being downloaded there. That means less strain on your phone and tablet battery, plus it frees up space and energy on your device so your laptop can handle the work.

You’ll still be able to manage your torrents using the standard transmission client, however. Just connect to your computer instead of your phone or tablet.

The free version is a trial, but the full version costs only $2.90.

17. Amnis

Amnis Torrent is a great Android torrent client. It’s free, lightning fast, and plays almost every video file out there. It’s compatible with Chromecast, meaning you can cast torrents directly to your TV.

This is a great Android torrent app, and it has a dark mode. It’s free, fast, and plays almost any video format out there. It’s also compatible with Chromecast, so you can cast torrents on your television.

You’ll never find another torrent app that comes close to offering this level of functionality. So download it now!

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