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How To Check What Kind Of RAM You Have – The Guide

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Checking your RAM should not be a good enough reason for you to open up your computer just to see what you have installed inside there. On that note, we have some points that will help you find out the kind of memory that you have installed in your computer system.

Speccy Application

This application is free and any self-proclaimed geek should have it in their toolkit. The tool allows you to check the kind of RAM you have in your computer system. The application comes bundled as a single file, you don’t have to stress about the installation process, you just have to make sure that you download the version that is portable.


However, there is another version that is paid and it comes with additional features. The only challenge is whether you can install a faster memory than what you already have.


Download Speccy

Crucial Memory Advisor

The manufacturer of this amazing application has developed an amazing website that is combined with an optional system scanner tool which is able to detect the kind of memory that you have installed in your computer. The application is geeky and it allows you to detect this information the same way that Windows does.


The website’s homepage allows you to access two options, there is the drop-down menu located on the right which allows you to select the kind of system that you’re using. The application will provide you with some valuable information regarding what your computer can support a set of questions and answers.

For instance, if your memory can be upgraded at will, they will give you this information.


But if you opt to go with the system scanner route, there is a web page on which you will be redirected and get to access the configuration of the current memory that you are using. They will also give some recommendations that you can use for upgrading.

Just a hint, you don’t necessarily have to but a memory from Crucial since you can always get a better price if you look elsewhere. However, the kind of memory advisor that they use if very helpful. It will show you what you need to know.

Alternative Options

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go with the applications mentioned above, you can consider looking up the specs for your system so that you can figure out the memory types that are installed in your computer.


For instance, you can just Google the model number specs. An example would be i.d type nc6570 specs. There are other memory advisors out there such as PNY or Kingston, although these sites are less useful.


The other strategy that you can use requires you to have a manual which will provide you with the necessary information regarding the computer systems. It might contain the RAM specifications that you are looking for.


For people who purchased some parts from Newegg and then build their computer, you can check-out the order history to figure out the memory module in your computer system.


If you have a Mac OS X, just check underneath for the “About This Mac” then click on the More Info section. Remember that the fastest way to get better performance is to upgrade the memory on your computer. Also, make sure that your OS can support the upgrade you intend to install.

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