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Does Oura Ring Track Steps? – Find Out Here!

Does Oura ring track steps?

Although we have to admit that we are a little cynical about marketing, that does sound like a bold claim to us.

The Oura ring is an impressive piece of technology. It is more than just a step tracker. It is incredibly accurate and it can even determine when you are oversleeping.

The looks of the device are cutting edge, and it is minimalist in design. The device is battery-powered, and so there are no wires in sight.

There is no need to charge the ring, and it is completely wireless.

We have heard a lot of people tell us how impressive our device is. As a proof of concept, we thought we would put it to the test and see if it does track steps.

It tracks the general movement.

The Oura rings track movement throughout the day. It tracks how long you have been sitting down, how long you have been standing, how long you have been walking, distance driven, and steps.

We think that this is a better idea than only tracking steps. We prefer to use our device as a fitness tracker, so we judge our fitness on how we do it throughout the day.

We get a better activity picture of where we spend most of our day by tracking daily movements.

It works as an accurate step tracker.

While it might not have an overall accuracy as a proper step tracker, Oura ring tracks up to 99% of steps. It also logs this on a graph with activity throughout the day.

That makes it so that you can see if you traveled farther than your average distance during the day and for how long.

The activity metrics are accurate up to a point.

The biggest thing we think it does track well is how much you move through the day, and this is one of the things we are looking for when we exercise. Oura ring can do that.

We think that Oura ring is better than just a step tracker. It is better than a step tracker because it tracks your general movement, which is a far more valuable piece of information.

The actionable insights of the device

Oura ring comes with some valuable features such as sleep tracking and intelligent reminders. Sleep tracking allows you to know if you slept well or badly.

You will receive a notification if you fall asleep within 15 minutes of bedtime. The device is so helpful because it gives you time to wake up before you go to sleep.

Smart reminders allow you to set alarms for work meetings, exercise classes, and other important events.

Automatic activity detection

The device has automatic activity detection abilities. It will detect when you are moving around and then log all of these activities into the app.

If you want to keep track of your daily activities, you should consider getting the Oura ring.

You can also set it manually for your daily activity goals or daily activity target. 

These includes:

  • Distinct activity types
  • Gym activities
  • Light activity
  • Low-intensity activities
  • Lower-intensity activities
  • Manual activity logging
  • Medium-to high-intensity activity
  • Moderate activities
  • Heavy physical activity
  • 20-minute high-intensity workout
  • Intense workouts

Oura ring advantages

Oura ring wearables have become increasingly popular over the last few years. The reasons are apparent: they help increase productivity and allow you to control your life from the comfort of your bed.

Based on my extensive testing of wearable devices over the past few years, I have provided my feedback on this site.

The Oura ring is currently the only Ring Wearable that I have successfully tested with enough data to run meaningful statistics.

I completed almost 100 days of testing with 20-30 tests per day when writing this article.

Ease of use

The Oura ring is simple and doesn’t require any setup. Being clear that the Oura ring is a ring rather than a bracelet makes it more straightforward.

All you need to do is slip the Oura ring on your finger.

The ring then connects to an app on your phone. It pairs up with the app, and all you need to do is give it a week or so for the ring to build up your personality.

While the app lets you set a schedule for the rings, you can leave it on all day for the most part.

Can harness your potential with clear and actionable insights

The Oura ring can provide relevant insights about your health and lifestyle.

With its ability to monitor your heart rate, body temperature, and activity levels, you can get an in-depth understanding of your health status.

In addition to the above, the Oura ring provides you with detailed information regarding your sleep quality. You can also get notifications from the device if you fall asleep early.

All of these details help you understand your overall health status.

Staying motivated is easy with the Oura ring.

Sleep-focused health smart ring

This brilliant Oura ring does provide continuous long-term health trends.

Oura rings track sleep patterns and breathing so that users can see what their sleeping habits are and whether they need to adjust their sleeping patterns.

Although they are very intuitive, most people still struggle with understanding the information provided by the data.

For example, even though the app provides clear instructions on interpreting sleep apnea and hypopnea events, some people may not understand them.

In addition, the interpretation of heart rate variability can be tricky, as noted by one study that found HRV results were more variable than previously reported.

It can help you achieve potential training goals.

If you love doing high-intensity interval training, Then the Oura ring is for you. It helps you reach your fitness goals by providing you with real-time data.

You can use the Oura ring to measure your progress towards your fitness goals. It will give you feedback on your performance and know when you need to adjust your routine.

You can have high credit for weight training, cardio, or even yoga. You can also see what kind of exercises you did during the day.

It does not require any special equipment, and Unlike many other devices, the Oura ring does not require any special equipment.

You don’t need to purchase anything else besides the Oura ring. The device works perfectly fine without any additional accessories.

The Oura is a good choice for people who love running.

Because it measures your pace, distance, and calories burned.

The accelerometer for movements into the device tracks your movement patterns while you run. It also monitors your heart rate measurements.

You can check your heart rate graph or heart rate chart on your phone. Oura’s sensors for heart rate are very accurate and can provide long-term health tracking.

Your activity journey when using the Oura ring will be

  • A lot more detailed than your typical fitness tracker
  • More accurate than most other wearable devices
  • And much easier to understand than a pie chart
  • You can receive alerts about your sleep quality.
  • You can also set up reminders to wake up at a particular time.
  • You can also choose to turn off the alarm after a certain amount of time.
  • The Oura band comes with a built-in GPS sensor. So it means that you do not need to carry around a separate GPS device.
  • You can easily find out where you are at all times.
  • You can also view your route map on the Oura app. 

The Oura ring is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

For ios, the apple health app must be available. And for android phones, you can use Samsung health or any third-party apps that are compatible with Oura.

You can also use the Oura cloud if you are using different devices. You can sync all your data from multiple devices.

Both apps work with any device that syncs via Bluetooth LE technology. They both connect to the same Oura cloud so that you can see data from every device on your finger.

These include step counts, calories burned, sleep patterns, and more. And since you don’t need to carry extra hardware, you can wear them 24/7.

Longer and efficient battery life

In terms of battery life, the Oura ring lasts up to 7 days in smart mode. That means that you can wear it throughout the day.

And because there is no screen, the battery life is longer compared to other smartwatches. When charging, it takes about 4 hours to get back to 100%.

There are two reasons for this. Oura ring does not have as many features as I list above and does not need to be on all the time.

The Oura ring is more like a hacky sack than a traditional wearable. If you are not wearing the Oura ring, then it is not draining the battery.

User experience and design

The Oura Ring is a high-tech ring that tracks your health metrics such as heart rate and sleep patterns and provides insights into your performance.

Can you imagine wearing a device that monitors your physical activity while giving you a personalized health report?

This wearable tech has recently raised $50 million in funding from prominent investors such as Accel, Google Ventures, BlackRock, and Khosla Ventures.

Most questions asked

Does Oura ring overestimate steps?

Oura rings estimate steps accurately when you use them correctly. However, if you wear them incorrectly, such as around your wrist instead of your ankle, they might be inaccurate.

We recommend using the step counter once a week for three weeks and then comparing the results. If you do not see any significant changes, we suggest removing the device from your daily routine.

Does Oura ring track blood pressure?

Oura rings measure blood pressure continuously throughout the day and night. The Oura ring is effective for other health metrics such as sleep quality, stress levels, and activity.

The device uses a sensor that measures pulse rate, body temperature, skin conductivity, and galvanic skin response.

Is Oura ring worth the money?

That is the question many people ask when they first hear about the Oura Ring.

The name sounds kind of sexy, and many people think that this is a tiny piece of equipment that they will fall in love with and would never want to stop wearing.

Before getting one, though, you need to understand what it can do for you.

The Oura ring is like a regular ring, except the device is fitted with sensors and a small processing unit. The device is connected to a wifi network and can also pair with your phone.

You then have to download the Oura app on your phone and set up the heart rate sensor and sync it with your The Oura Ring.

The Oura ring is not cheap. It costs $299, and for the shipping fee, you have to pay separately. The device is small and discrete and looks impressive.

Most people that see it in stores buy it straight away. Additionally, the ring comes in gold and silver so that you can pick the perfect one.

Wearing the Oura ring for over a month will give you a better understanding of your fitness level, which will help you work out more effectively.

It can also record your exercise in my Oura app and view all the information, including graphs and statistics. The ring allows the communication that the user is learning to be quantified and helps the user to stay motivated.

How does it work?

When you put the Oura Ring on, the heart rate sensor measures your heart rate, and the timer starts.

The Oura ring then records your heart rate 15 seconds after you start exercising and starts measuring your activity level.

The Oura Ring will also track your workout for you, although this is not essential, and some people prefer to exercise at their own pace.

When you rest, the ring will measure your heart rate again, and when you have gone over 45 minutes without rest, it will then go off the record.

The device will then begin to save all the information your ring has collected and display it in the app. The app then allows you to view the graph and statistics about your workout.

After your workout, the app will also calculate your fitness levels and then display them. The graphs and statistics show you your improvement between activities.

Over time, the Oura Ring will also become aware of your body movements and will warn you if you are about to be too passive.

It will also help while exercising and inform you if you are not working hard enough. All of these features combined mean that you will get a realistic understanding of your fitness levels.

Final words

The Oura Ring is a fabulous piece of equipment that I highly recommend. It helps me work more efficiently, and I love that it tracks my activities and allows me to “meet” my fitness goal visually. It adds some level of motivation and makes you think that you can justify reaching your goal when you play. The Oura ring is undoubtedly doing something right.

If you are a little unsure about this product, though, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy in confidence that it works!

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