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What Is The Best Time To Buy Computer Parts? Find Out Here!

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There comes a time when you have to buy some computer parts so that you can upgrade your system or build a computer. In such cases, you find that one of the questions that you’ll have in mind is, what is the best time to buy the computer parts? In such cases, just remember that there are factors to consider. These factors include:

What Is The Best Time To Buy Computer Parts?

Analyze the market and find out if there is a new release that is coming up

Are you willing to wait long enough to purchase some parts?

Are there any big sales day that is coming up?

This guide will focus on the three cases and how they can help you make the right decision on when is the best time to purchase computer parts.

There are certain days when you can access amazing deals on various computer parts. Such days include Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Prime Day, Holiday Seasons, and Daily Deals.

There is a lot to save if you can manage to get your parts during such days when the deals are available. This will cut down on the total cost that you incur in building your system or upgrading. On the other hand, you can use the savings from these deals to make a powerful computer system.

It’s important to mention that during Black Friday that is when you find some of the best deal on PC hardware. Also on Cyber Monday and during the Holiday season.

But you don’t always have to wait for these periods, throughout the year, there are plenty of deals that and big sales days that will present you with the opportunity to make some substantial savings.

We have compiled a general ranking below that will give you some of the best deals and days that you can grab the opportunity.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the top of the list

During The Holiday Season, you’ll also find great deals

Amazon and Newegg also have solid deals

Amazon’s Prime Day has great deals

But the point is that if you can wait until Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and the Holiday season, you will have a very great opportunity. You will be in a position to upgrade or build something solid while saving some money.

There are cases where people have built the same computer system for 20-30% less the cost by taking advantage of the Holiday season deals.

Flexibility also plays a crucial role when choosing the kind of components that you intend to buy, this helps you maximize on the deals. There are certain manufacturers who offer deals more readily compared to others.  Mind you, not all components sell high during the big sales days. There are certain categories that sell more.

What Components Get the Biggest Price Cuts?

There are certain components that get huge price cuts compared to others in the major sales days. We did research on the same and combined this with our own experience so that we can compile a list that will keep you informed on what to expect.

Here we have a list of the peripherals and components that have the best deals:

  • Mice and Keyboards
  • Headsets
  • Monitors
  • Power Supplies
  • AMD CPUs
  • SSDs and HDDs
  • Memory

Peripherals tend to get huge cuts during the sales days. However, memory, storage devices, AMD CPUs, and power supplies are some of the core components that also get big price cuts during the big deals.

There are also good deals that you can enjoy if you look out for graphics cards and also motherboards. This is especially the case during the Holiday Season, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. But the point is that they are not always prevalent compared to the other components we’ve mentioned above.

For people who are interested in getting pre-built systems or laptops, there are deals on pre-built laptops and computers in these seasons. So stay woke, you might be very lucky.

What About Amazon’s Prime Day? Is It Worth It?

There is a lot of criticism surrounding Amazon’s Prime Day. There claims that the deals are not that great, in some cases you find that the Amazon Prime Day features the low-priced items that Amazon sellers are just trying to get rid-off from their inventory.

You’ll often find small deals on very cheap items that you might not even be interested in. But sometimes you might find good deals on some peripherals and computer components.

What About Amazon’s Prime Day? Is It Worth It?

The best deals are often on the same components which have the best deals on the other major sales days. These include PSUs, peripherals, and storage devices.

There is Prime Day Deals tracker that can help you get a good idea on the kinds of deals that are accessible on Prime Day.

 Prime Day Deal Tracker Tech Guided

There are deals available on Prime Day which will help you build a computer or upgrade the existing system that you are using. You don’t have to wait until summer. The key thing to note is that Amazon’s Prime Day will not always give you deals on every type of computer parts that are needed for your computer.

Can You Find Any Good Deals on A Daily Basis?

There are sites that offer a handful of deals on a daily basis. Such sites include Amazon and Newegg. Unlike major holiday sales days when you have access to hundreds of deal, daily deals are limited in the number of deals that one can access.

For instance, Newegg offers daily deals which are tied to mail-in-rebates. However, if you are not active when it comes to sending mail-in-rebates, you might end up paying the entire price on what appears to be a good deal.

Considering the daily deals, Newegg has better deals on peripherals and computer parts. Although as we’ve mentioned earlier, their deals tend to be tied to mail-in-rebates. Remember that if you forget to send them in, you incur the full price. The idea here is that you need to be very proactive in sending the mail-in-rebates if you hope to get a good deal.

Why You Need to Consider Upcoming CPU & GPU Releases

In most cases, the people who ask about the best time to buy computer parts often wonder on when they can get the best deals on various parts. But the thing is that you also need to consider if there are any CPU and/or GPU architecture updates that are coming up in the future so that you can make better decisions.

Consider a situation where you are planning to build a gaming computer and in less than a month’s time, NVIDIA will be releasing a new graphics cards lineup. In such a case it’s worth the wait so that you can get the latest generation graphics card out there.

We are not implying that the older version will stop running well, the thing is that new GPU releases come with some improvements compared to the previous gen of GPU. Also, they are priced the same or maybe they have a small price difference.

Considering such situations, it is much better for you to build a computer during the best time when you will get access to CPU and GPU updates.

How Long Can You Wait for the ‘Perfect’ Buying Opportunity

The idea behind waiting for the sales day is to get the optimal performance for your money. On this note, there is an advantage that comes with waiting for the latest generation of GPUs and CPUs, it gives you the cutting edge such that even when you have completed building the computer, it will not be considered an old generation.

However, there is a point where you can consider an alternative option since waiting will be counterproductive. We need to acknowledge that not everyone can wait until the big deal day for them to buy the computer parts for their system.

For instance, if the computer system that you use happens to breakdown in January, you cannot wait until July for you to replace the parts. That would not be a viable option to consider, alternatively, you can pursue the best deal that is accessible at that time.

Keeping up with the demands of content creation or gaming is no easy task, so for a competitive gamer, they may not have the opportunity to wait for the next CPU/GPU release for them to upgrade their system.

By evaluating such factors, you might find that it is much better to forego the wait for the best deals and just make sure that system is back up by replacing the faulty components with whatever is available. Provided the components that you opt to go for can handle demands of what you use the system for.

Mind you, there is always a new generation of processors and GPU that are coming up. So don’t put off this forever.

So, When is the Best Time to Buy Computer Parts Really?

The best time to purchase computer parts varies from one person to the other mainly because the different needs and priorities that we all have. However, it is important to keep in mind the fact that whenever there is a big sale accompanied by a GPU/CPU release, this would be the ideal time to build the best performance system at a friendly price.

On the other hand, if you already have a system that is functioning with the right set up already in place, then waiting for the big sale or the launch of the next CPU/GPU would be a great idea. The same applies to people who intend to upgrade, one can always wait for the next hardware release as they use their current system.

So, When is the Best Time to Buy Computer Parts Really?

But if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t a system that is functioning then you can build one with the components that are already available at the market place. It would be hard for you to wait yet you need something to use. It might not make sense to wait for months while you have nothing to use.

Before you make a purchase, check out first the pros and cons of building a PC vs buying a PC.

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